Making Lives Healthier


As we progress at a relentless pace towards a better tomorrow, it also is integral that we work to achieve a healthier tomorrow. We have always believed in combining business with a humanitarian outlook. Our prime role is that the work that we do helps to improve the quality of human lives. We at Finecure adhere to this principle apart from accomplishing our business goals. We firmly believe that access to proper health care is a fundamental human right and that we have role to play in ensuring that those rights are protected, not only within India but globally as well.

Finecure forayed into healthcare with a mission to transform the lives of each being through innovation in healthcare, and the manufacturing of quality pharmaceutical products at competitive costs. Its journey from origin until today is the substantiation of its continuous effort to achieve its mission of ‘Making Lives Healthier’. The principles at Finecure are its spine for growth. Making lives healthier, which is part of its brand identify reflects the inherent value of Finecure. It believe in the integrity of work and manufacturing of products ethically – a value that has ensured that what started as a small first generation enterprise is now counted among the fastest growing pharma companies in the country.


The very basis of Finecure’s existence, its genesis, stems from its desire to contribute effectively to the future well-being of humanity. While Finecure has certainly grown from its founding as a family-run start-up almost a decade ago, it remains true to the original principles that have guided its success and growth. Family values of ethics and integrity are central to its culture, its mission and its future. Day in and day out its entire team strives to deliver outcomes that meet important and unmet medical needs. Its innovative and pioneering drives are focused on making medicines more accessible, value-driven and affordable and provide solutions for today’s existing health challenges. Its people work with passion. They work with determination. They harness the power of all their colleagues, sharing ideas, voicing opinions and driving change. They want to make a difference in people’s lives.

Our greatest attribute is that our customers appreciate our work and they convey this appreciation in many appropriate ways. At any given time a Finecure product is being sold somewhere or the other to a satisfied customer. Our products may be inanimate but our customers bring them to life by endowing them with personality traits like reliability, functionality, affordability, efficiency, proven capability, consistency and above all dependability. We address their physiological needs, their physical needs and their emotional needs. Our customers associate us with competence, trustworthiness, fairness and transparency and have happily imposed their faith and trust in us.