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Finecure Pharmaceuticals, a WHO GMP certified company is the flagship company of the Chandrans Group combining the best of values of committed entrepreneurship, strong work ethics, and strict compliance of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).  With an inventory of a wide range of products, Finecure Pharmaceuticals has emerged as one of the leading Pharma companies in the country. Since its inception the company has always been committed to strict adherence to international standards of quality and cGMP.

Finecure Pharmaceuticals has attained this prestigious position through continuous focus on human resource development, close teamwork, innovative marketing skills and modern production facilities. With nearly two decades of being in the business the company has built a strong production base comprising more than 400 formulations under various categories and dosage forms. As a result, Finecure has successfully established itself as a trustworthy name in the pharmaceutical world. The company firmly believes in ethical functioning and has consistently practiced good corporate governance which is reflected by its unflinching values of transparency, professionalism and accountability.

The company has multiple production facilities in India, manufacturing dosage forms that include Oral Tablets, sublingual, chewable tablets, capsules, dry syrup, liquids, granules, injectables, ointments, creams, and gels. With leading brands in various therapeutic segments, our products have proved to be efficient and effective in manifold segments that include Cardiovascular, Gastro-Intestinal, Anti-Infective, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Allergic, Anti-Asthmatics, Anti-Diabetics, Multi-Vitamins and Pain Management solutions and OTC segments both in domestic and international markets.

  • STRONG FOOTPRINTS Finecure’s mission and vision is to be a global pharmaceutical company that cares for the quality of human life contributing consciously and willingly to human health and its wellbeing to help people live healthier more fulfilling lives. Extraordinary events, like the Corona epidemic have presented significant challenges, altered business trends profoundly forcing us to reevaluate our corporate footprint with a more holistic and feasible perspective to more efficiently and effectively position our assets and strike a balance between market access, talent availability, risk mitigation and cost containment. The company is prepared to face all challenges and is poised to deliver and achieve long term goals.
  • EVOLUTION THROUGH INNOVATION Amidst transformations and a swiftly changing business environment, Finecure focuses on innovation to develop and sustain its growth. The continuous advancements and developments lead to self-sufficiency, acquiring and applying knowledge, identifying and developing talent, motivating and aligning effort, value addition to products. Finecure is always at the forefront of employing new technologies, updating machinery and streamlining infrastructure and an expansion that has seen the company setup new manufacturing units with most stringent manufacturing standards.

Brand Promise

At our company brands are promises delivered. Everything that we do starts with knowing our customers inside out. Finecure always connect to our core positioning of making lives healthier by providing innovative products that make them qualitative, affordable and value-driven. Our primary objective is to transform the lives of patients for a healthier and happier tomorrow. The company has been recognized by awards and accolades for ‘Quality, Innovation and Leadership’ including quality management systems.

Finecure adds exceptional value to the medical fraternity by its products manufactured at its state-of-art manufacturing facilities with technological edge, cost engineering and discerning precision, thus delivering world class products. In vision to address unmet medical needs, we continue to strengthen our abilities in Formulation Development Research, NDDS and other research activities for value addition. With our resolute and focused work-force, strong ethical values, an effective R&D department, Finecure is poised to work relentlessly for a better tomorrow in the field of healthcare. Our customers associate us with competence, trustworthiness, fairness and transparency and have happily imposed their faith and trust in us.


We at Finecure Pharmaceuticals hold ourselves to a higher standard and believe that service to the humanity should take precedence over other goal sets. We have consistently fostered a culture of advancement and innovation with focus to meet the intensifying healthcare needs of the society and work with a belief of conviction, committed to introducing new products that create a better today and an even better tomorrow. The essence of our culture is built on meeting global standards in every aspect of our business.

The company is envisioned to achieve its mission due to the talented and dedicated Work force, Quality and Innovation and State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our team of highly qualified members discuss and create long-term strategies which help us identify and meet corporate governance, and core focus areas of unmet medical needs.

Corporate Info
  • Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited
    A-1201, Mondeal Heights,
    Nr. Wide Angle, S.G. Highway,
    Ahmedabad – 380015, Gujarat

  • CIN : U24230GJ2005PLC045724

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