​​​​We offer products under private label for exports for following categories:

Products manufactured under Beta Lactums and Non Beta Lactum sections under therapeutic categories of categories of Anti-Biotics and Anti- Bacterials, Cephalosporin Formulations, Anti Fungals, Oncology Drugs (Anti-Cancer), ARVs, Cardio-vascular drugs, Anti-Diabetics, Anti-Ulcerants, Anti-Histamines, Anti- Asthmatics, Anti-Cold and Cough, Anti Pyretics, Haematinics, Multivitamins, Enzymes, Immune Builders, Proteins, Calciums, Anti- Osteoarthritis, Appetisers, Anti-Oxidants, Ant Helmenthics, Anti-Emetics and Nauseants, Anti Inflammatory, Musculo-skeletal drugs, drugs for Erectile Dysfunction, Fertility, Obesity, Gynaecological disorders, Anti-Malarials, Psychiatry Drugs, Sedatives and Tranquilisers, Anti-Neuro Degenerative including various therapeutic segments.

Documentation Provided / Advantages:

Products manufactured by DMF grade APIs F&D, Stability studies & validations done in house Provide registration dossiers as per CTD / ACTD with Bioequivalence and DMF COPP / CFS / WHO-GMP Certificate and PIC/S compliant

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