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Acifine Spas

Aceclofenac + Drotaverine HCl Tablets


Aceclofenac + Drotaverine Tablets

Product Specification

Acifine Spas contains Aceclofenac and Drotaverine which is Synergistic fixed-dose combination considered as a suitable, effective and well tolerated treatment option for primary dysmenorrhoea. Aceclofenac is NSAID that blocks actions of COX that causes pain and swelling. Drotaverine is Antispasmodic, prescribed for pain and dysfunction caused by smooth muscle spasm. Acifine Spas is prescribed for the Relieves abdominal pain symptoms in Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Alleviates pain in renal colic, Primary Dysmenorrhoea and Acceleration of labor.

Available Dosage Forms

Aceclofenac 100 mg + Drotaverine HCl 80 mg Tablets

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