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Calcium Citrate Malate & Vitamin D3 Tablets


Calcium Citrate Malate & Vitamin D3

Product Specification

Calcium Citrate Malate has been shown to facilitate calcium retention & bone accrual in children & adolescents. In adults, it effectively promotes the consolidation & maintenance of bone mass. Calcium Citrate Malate is also recognized as a calcium source that does not increase the risk of kidney stones, & in fact it protects against stone-forming potential.Vitamin D3 helps body absorb calcium & Phosphorus. Thus Combination is used for Hypochlorhydria, Calcium supplements, Calcium supplement, Deficiency of vitamin d, Vitamin d deficiency, Achlorhydria & other conditions.

Available Dosage Forms

Calcium Citrate Malate eq. to Elemental Calcium 250 mg. & Vitamin D3 100 i.u.Tab.

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